The Lone Ranger Ropes Himself a Leading Lady

Every masked crimefighter needs a little lady to save, and according to Deadline, British lass Ruth Wilson is currently in negotiations to play that little lady on the prairie. The “Luther” actress will join Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as his sidekick, the Lone Ranger. Tom Wilkinson was recently cast as a railroad tycoon and, probably, the movie’s main bad guy. Whoever heard of a railroad tycoon in a Western that wasn’t a bad guy? Exactly.

Apparently Wilson, who is pretty much an unknown in the States, beat out a couple of much more known names for the Disney gig, including Jessica Chastain (recently in Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life”) and Abbie Cornish (“Sucker Punch”). She will be playing the film’s leading lady, whose name is Rebecca, but that’s pretty much all we know about her for now. No doubt she’ll be spunky and capable of handling business when the need arises, as all heroines in Jerry Bruckheimer-produced movies are wont to be.

Set for December 21, 2012, “The Lone Ranger” will be directed by Depp’s former “Pirates of the Caribbean” signal caller Gore Verbinski.