The Los Angeles-Set Hangover 3 Scheduled for 2013

The Hangover 2 (2011) Movie Poster2009’s “The Hangover” shocked the world by raking in an impressive $467 million worldwide, and the sequel, two years later, did even better with $581 million worldwide despite being, essentially, the same damn movie only set in a new location. So is it any surprise that Warner Bros. is anxious to get “The Hangover 3” into production for 2013, and are willing to pay out the nose to get its three main stars back?

Of course not, don’t be silly. This is Hollywood, after all, where Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Bruce Willis used to earn $20 million just for showing up on a movie set. That’s not counting all the back-end deals they had going. Oh, those were the days.

So with “The Hangover 3” scheduled to start shooting this Summer for a Memorial Day 2013 release, the studio has now gone into negotiations with the franchise’s primary three stars — Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper, and Zach Galifianakis — to return. The actors are asking for $15 million (a $10 million raise from the sequel’s $5 million), plus back-end deals, and word is, they’ll get it easily.

But the real question is, where will the Wolf Pack bring their brand of drunken mayhem to next?

There have been lots of rumors and speculations, and even suggestions from the cast about where a third movie could go, but it seems that it’s now officially set in Los Angeles. Curious, that. I’d think they might want some place more exotic. Maybe even New York. But Los Angeles? Eh.

You know who I feel bad for? Justin Bartha. The fourth member of the Wolf Pack. I’m sure the poor guy will get a raise, too, but $15 million plus back-end? Probably not. (Bartha is, uh, the dude in the blue shirt in the background in the pic below, by the way.)

Justin Bartha and Jamie Chung in The Hangover 2 (2011) Movie Image

Via : THR