The Neighbor Zombie Presents the Living Dead, Documentary-Style

A zombie comedy? From South Korea? You don’t say! 24 Frames Per Second was kind enough to post the trailer for the faux-documentary “The Neighbor Zombie”, an episodic horror picture comprised of six separate stories set in a violent world teeming with the undead. The story follows six individuals, each with their own unique set of problems, as they attempt to find peace, love, and happiness in a world were flesh-eating freakazoids freely roam the streets. Chapters will be handled by different directors, with each filmmaker bringing their own unique style to their respective “real life” yarns. If there’s one thing we certainly don’t have enough of these days, it’s zombie movies presented as documentaries. The gimmick is tired, to be sure, but I’m actually willing to give this one the benefit of the doubt. If you’re going to be in South Korea on February 18th, give it a look.