The New Hawaii Five-0 Gets Full Season Order

I have to admit, I’m really digging the new “Hawaii Five-0” TV show. I like the fact that Alex O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett is this earnest badass who doesn’t take crap from anyone. I dig that his partner Dano (Scott Caan) is like an entire foot shorter than he is, and when they walk around the episodes together, it looks like a dad and his son. And of course, I’m amused at all the various ways they’ve managed to get Kono (former “BSG”-er Grace Park) out of, shall we say, uniform. Let’s just hope they don’t add another unnecessary female later in the year, cause the last thing we need on this show is seeing less of Kono.

And if you happen to like all those things, too, then good news, because CBS has given the show a full season order. This is bigger news than you might think, especially in today’s TV arena. Of course, better than expected ratings for the show in its timeslot, which have helped the network maintain its first place status, doesn’t hurt.

Also, I can’t really see “Hawaii Five-0” not coming back for a second season after this year. It’s got all the ingredients necessary to be a long-running show. It’s pretty funny, there’s plenty of action, and there’s sex appeal to burn. It’s not exactly “Lost”-complex; crime procedurals rarely are. Overall, though, I’d just have to say that the new “Hawaii Five-0” is fun.

Plus, Grace Park. Yeah, Grace Park…