The New Reign of Assassins Trailer Promises Plenty of Kung Fu Mayhem

Iconic director John Woo and producer Terence Chan’s upcoming action epic “Reign of Assassins” has been on my martial arts radar for one very simple reason: Michelle Yeoh. Is it sad that I’ll blindly watch anything she’s associated with? Although the talented actress hasn’t really led me astray thus far — “Heroic Trio” might be one of the few films that made me question my current movie-watching philosophies — there’s always a slim chance that her next project might be the one that completely derails my Yeoh-friendly approach to cinema. Judging from the latest trailer for “Reign of Assassins”, I don’t think I’ll have to worry my misshapen head too much about that. If you haven’t seen the new clip yet, by all means, skip ahead and watch it now. You won’t hurt my feelings. Promise!