The New Trailer for the Astro-6 Horror Flick Father’s Day is Seriously Warped

Leave it to the fine, upstanding folks over at Troma to deliver a film that actually manages to disgust me. The previous trailer for upcoming exploitation throwback “Father’s Day” — which is directed by the Canadian filmmaking collective Astro-6 — made the feature look absolutely insane, and the fresh, recently-unleashed audio/visual delight embedded over yonder only confirms my suspicions. Rape, murder, and generalized debauchery are the soup du jour, which means that you probably shouldn’t play this clip when you should be getting things done at work. “Father’s Day” opens in select theaters on June 19th, 2011. One guess which day that is. Go on — guess.

Here’s a synopsis to help explain things a bit:

A long, long time ago in a town north of Tromaville, there was a bad, bad man who raped and killed dads. Nobody could stop the fat monster until a mysterious stranger took a stand. Some say he was avenging his own father. Some say he was just crazy. The stranger could not have known the Hell that was to follow.

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