The Nolans to Direct Both The Man of Steel AND The Justice League Movie?

Cue the cartoonish sound of jaws hitting floors. That’s the reaction one gets from this IESB article reporting the latest round of Warner Bros. and DC movie news rumors: that the real reason Christopher Nolan is “Godfathering” the latest Superman movie, “The Man of Steel” is because he’s trying to get the directing gig for his little bro, Jonah Nolan. This doesn’t sound entirely “out there”, since the two brothers are very close and have done numerous films together, including both “Batman Begins” installments and the upcoming third one.

The other big news is that, according to IESB’s sources, the older Nolan is also lining up further involvement in the D.C. Universe by planning to direct the long-dead “Justice League” movie.

Wait, what? Christopher Nolan directing a bunch of movies about people who wear brightly colored longjohns? Sure, it seems farfetched, but it also seemed farfetched that Nolan would board “The Man of Steel” in any capacity too, and that has already happened.

If the rumors do bear out, it will mean a newbie director will be handed a big-budget Summer tentpole film. Then again, Christopher Nolan could promise Warner Bros. that he’ll “watch” over his little brother, and just being able to associate the Nolan name to the movie might be worth it for the WB.

And Christopher Nolan directing a “Justice League” movie? I just can’t see that happening…

That's right, DC fanboys, I drink your milkshake! I drink it up!