The Old Spice Guy is on the Radar for Luke Cage

If he had his way, the guy who plays the Old Spice Guy (aka actor Isaiah Mustafa) in the Old Spice commercials will be sporting some shiny bling and taking on bad guys in Harlem via a big-budget “Luke Cage” movie, hopefully not wearing anything so gaudy as his ’70s wardrobe. Of course, a Luke Cage movie is far from happening, but if Marvel Studios decides to make it happen, Mustafa says he’s now “on the radar” for the role.

In a USAToday article about his acting career, Mustafa talks about his current string of movies, including his biggest role to date, on Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Big Happy Family”. It’s not until the very end of the article that Power Man aka Luke Cage comes up:

Currently, Mustafa has a deal with NBC and appears occasionally on Chuck, and is angling to play black superhero Luke Cage. “I met with the Marvel Comics people, and they said, ‘Thank you for your interest; you’re on the radar now.'”

Okay, so not that big of a news there, but hey, it’s a slow news Monday. Mustafa may look too slight for Power Man, but he’s actually not. IMDB says he stands around 6’3″, and is a former NFL wide receiver. So yeah, it’s not like he can’t bulk up for the role, or do the physical stuff.

In any case, a Luke Cage/Iron Fist movie would be quite swell, but if I had to just choose one, I’d go with an Iron Fist movie first.