Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa Continues his Bid to Play Luke Cage

Isaiah Mustafa as Luke Cage aka Power Man? If Isaiah Mustafa, best known as the actor in those Old Spice commercials (aka “The Old Spice Guy”), has anything to say about it, you’re damn skippy. After making it publicly known that he’d like Marvel Studios to cast him in a potential Luke Cage movie, Mustafa has now put his own money into making a 40-second “teaser trailer” for what a Luke Cage movie with him in the lead would look like.

Gotta say, A-plus for the gumption on Mustafa’s part, though honestly, this could end up backfiring. Anyone recall the casting of Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns” and the Sean Young debacle? Oy.

No word if Marvel has seen this yet, or what their reaction is/was.

h/t Josh