The Other End of the Line (2008) Movie Images Gallery

Beautiful and radiant, Priya Sethi (SHRIYA SARAN) indulges her infatuation with American culture by working at the Citi One Bank Card call center in Bangalore, India. Speaking in perfectly unaccented English, she tells her customers her name is Jennifer David and she is a native of San Francisco. When she happens to call the handsome and charming Granger Woodruff (JESSE METCALFE) to help him with the fraudulent charges on his credit card, Priya and Granger have an instant connection. Unable to suppress the intrigue their easy chemistry offers, Priya flies to meet Granger in San Francisco, much to her parents’ dismay. When Priya meets Granger, they immediately hit it off. Before long, improbably, unthinkably, they are falling in love. But their young love is not without obstacles, as Priya’s family has arrived to bring their wayward daughter home. Now Priya and Granger must overcome cultural barriers and additional obstacles to show that love can survive.

Starring: Jesse Metcalfe, Shriya Saran, Anupam Kher, Sara Foster, Austin Basis, Larry Miller, Nouva Monika Wahlgren , Tara Sharma, Shriya
Directed by: James Dodson
Year of Release: 2008