The Outlaws Take Over in New Hell on Wheels Season 3 Poster

Hell on Wheels Season 2 Poster - Outlaw in Charge

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I gotta say, AMC’s “Hell on Wheels” did some pretty ballsy things with its final few episodes of Season 2. I’m not sure if a certain character’s contract was up and they wanted to escape to greener pastures, but the show really took a hell of a risk killing off a very important character by the end of the explosive second season.

But it looks like that major event has triggered a whole new, badass turn for the show’s leading character, Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount), who will no doubt be back on the railroad tracks building that blasted railroad. After all, the whole show is framed around the building of the West’s first continental railroad. It wouldn’t really make sense to ditch it now, even though, honestly, I could care less about how they built the blasted thing. It’s not like we still ride around on trains today, right?

After some doubt that the show would even be renewed at all, “Hell on Wheels” is now set to premiere with a 2-hour episode this August 10th on AMC.

Check out a new poster for the upcoming Season 3 above. And in case you missed them, the first two images from the upcoming season’s first episode can be seen below:

Anson Mount in Hell on Wheels - Episode 3.01

Anson Mount in Hell on Wheels - Episode 3.01