The Pacific’s Snafu Takes his War to Twilight Breaking Dawn

Rami Malek played yet another Muslim terrorist fanatic in the most recent season of “24”, but he also played the memorable Merriell Shelton aka Snafu in the HBO WWII mini-series “The Pacific”. You remember him, right? The soldier with the lazy Southern draw who eventually became one of E.B. Sledge’s best friends in the war?

Malek recently joined the cast of Summit Entertainment’s two “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” films, where he’ll be playing a character name Benjamin, a member of an Egyptian vampire coven who has the ability to control the elements air, water, fire and earth. Benjamin and his peeps travel to Forks, Washington, home of Bella and company, in order to help out the Cullen clan in their battle with the douchey Volturi.

Fun times, we assume, is had by all. Well, except for the ones that get decapitated. That will probably not be so much fun.

Bill Condon will direct both parts, with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner back to confess antsy love for one another.

By the way, Pattinson, the star of the “Twilight” saga? Not a big fan of “New Moon”, apparently.