The Penny Dreadful Gang Pose for an Official Pic, Plus New Teaser

Josh Hartnett, Eva Green, and Timothy Dalton in Penny Dreadful

I have to admit, John Logan and Sam Mendes’ new showtime show “Penny Dreadful” is one of my most anticipated shows of the year. Everything I’ve seen of it so far, including a handful of teaser promos, have been pretty nifty stuff and left me wanting more. Here’s the latest, an official image of the show’s main cast, including stars Josh Hartnett, Eva Green, and Timothy Dalton. Also, yet another teaser promo.

(Useless factoid: Dalton used to play James Bond, while Mendes directed the last Bond movie, “Skyfall”, a film that Logan wrote.)

Like Alan Moore’s “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” Logan’s “Penny Dreadful” will be set in Victoria London and brings together famous literary characters like Frankenstein, Dracula, and Dorian Gray, and throws in there an American sharpshooter played by Josh Hartnett and a mysterious woman played by Eva Green, who is said to be “battling her own demons.”

Also starring Rory Kinnear, Helen McCrory, Billie Piper, Gus Barry, Reeve Carney, Olivia Llewellyn, Owen Roe, and Harry Treadaway.

Look for it this Spring on the pay cable channel.

Via : EW