The Perfect Education 2: 40 Days of Love (2001) Movie Review

Apparently if you want a high school girl to be your love slave, all you have to do is kidnap her at the point of a knife, tie her up in your apartment for a couple of days, make her give you a hand job, and then presto! She’s suddenly so in love with you that she won’t stab you in the back with the scissor you gave her. Why? Well, because deep down inside, all women want to be dominated and treated as love toys. Or so says “The Perfect Education 2”, a movie written and directed by men and starring a young woman who despite being quite lovely has the charm of a pet rock.

But I digress. I don’t mean to be so hard on “Perfect Education”, although considering how seriously the whole thing is taken, I do find it somewhat offensive that someone thought this was a good idea for a movie. Now consider this: Abducted and tied up on a bed for 8 hours a day while her kidnapper is at work, our heroine Haruka (Rie Fukami) discovers that there are people living next door. At this point the smart thing for any person with a modicum of intelligence to do would be to bang on the wall endlessly until someone comes over to query. Instead, our heroine kicks at the wall for, oh, about 20 seconds before giving up.

And that, I’m afraid, sums up “Perfect Education 2”. As you can guess, “Education” is actually the second installment in what appears to be a series of movies set around the same premise: grown men, unhappy with their lot in life, decide to kidnap a young girl in order to “train” her to be his perfect love slave. In America, this would be, at best, a B-Movie starring one of those Scream Queens who don’t mind taking off their clothes in the name of “acting”. In Japan, you get a series.

Exploitative in nature, “Education” reeks of male fantasy run amok. Actress Rie Fukami is the perfect choice as the center of attention. She’s obviously not a teen (I would guess mid-20s), but she’s young-looking enough to please all the perverted old men out there who cries out for this type of film. Director Yoichi Nishiyama must really know his audience because he gives us long loving looks at the naked body of his nubile young star. Thankfully we are spared seeing Yasuto Hida, as the male ’40s-something pervert Sumikawa, shed his clothes. There’s nothing worse than seeing a wrinkled butt simulating sex on a pretty young girl.

There are a number of sexual encounters between Haruka and Sumikawa. Having trained the young girl well enough that she is now infatuated with him, Sumikawa introduces Haruka to the joys of having dull missionary sex with a ’40-something pervert. But perhaps director Nishiyama was seeking some sort of credibility with his work, because there are no real gratuitous sex scenes. Compared to the South Korean movie “Summertime”, the sex in “Education” is incredibly tame.

The screenplay makes some attempts to justify Sumikawa’s desperation, as well as Haruka’s ready-to-be-trained personality. But if you buy that a young high school girl, no matter how lonely, would willingly submit herself to her abductor after a week of being hog-tied, made to call him “papa”, and then forced to pleasure him with her hand, then you’re living in Fantasy Island. Or should I say, Old Men’s Fantasy Island.

On the plus side, “Perfect Education 2” is a relatively good looking picture, and lead Yasuto Hida, although oozing with perversion and slime, still manages quite a good performance. It’s too bad Rie Fukami, while being very pretty, has no discernible thespian ability that I could detect. Although in a movie where she’s required to look dole-eyed and helpless, and her character is supposed to have less intelligence than your average snail, does the quality of the acting really matter?

Interestingly, Naoto Takenaka (“Ping Pong”), who plays a shrink in the movie, was the Perverted Old Man in the original “Perfect Education”. Why he returned to the series is a total mystery.

Yoichi Nishiyama (director) / Michiko Matsuda (novel), Gen Shimada (screenplay)
CAST: Yasuto Hida …. Sumikawa Tatsuaki
Rie Fukami …. Tsumura Haruka
Naoto Takenaka …. Akai Seiichi

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