The Pink Dolls are in Peril in the South Korean Horror Flick White

I honestly don’t care if this one sucks or not, as the film centers around an all-girl group called Pink Dolls, a loose collective of musicians consisting of two singers, a former backup dancer, and a rapper. How cool is that? In order to leave their mark on the industry, the group decides to record a darkly mesmerizing song they find on an old videotape. Before you can exclaim “bad idea” to the person sitting to your immediate right, a slew of nasty things begin to transpire, and it’s up to the Pink Dolls to unravel the mystery. Like I said, even if the film sucks to the heavens upon high, at least we have Pink Dolls to keep us interested. Below you’ll find the first poster for the upcoming genre effort, which is currently scheduled to hit South Korean theaters this June. As soon as a trailer is released, you can rest assured I’ll be all over it. My curiosity is definitely piqued with this one.

via Film Smash