The Power of the Green Lantern Corp in a Little ol Flash Drive

So sue me, I’m one of those guys who buys Chewbacca bobbleheads when I run across them at my local electronics retailer. It’s not like I seek them out, but when I run across them, I’m powerless to drop $10 bucks on the little suckers. When it comes to flash drives, though, I haven’t dove in yet. It’s one thing to have Chewbacca or Boba Fett sitting next to my computer, but it’s quite another to carry around Hal Jordan or Sinestro as a flash drive.

The folks at MIMOBOT have designed some new products to coincide with the release of Warner Bros.’ “Green Lantern” movie. The flash drives come in 2GB to 16GB memory capacities and are preloaded with MimoDesk™ character-specific content, including wallpapers, avatars, screensavers, and other digital extras. Head over here to get the full specs on what comes with your GL flash drive of choice.

Besides Jordan and the Corp., MIMOBOT also sells everything from licensed Batman to Star Wars flash drives. Name your geek, and they’ll probably have it.

They sent me a couple of samples (Hal Jordan and Sinestro), and I have to admit, they’re definitely easy to look at, and there’s just something cool with putting your stuff on a Sinestro flash drive. I would have liked a keychain at the end of the drives, though, which these don’t have. (This is solved by a carry-along bag that you can fit the flash drives inside and hook onto your key ring.)