The Punisher finds its new Dolph Lundgren

punish(Article by Tom G.) The guys at Latino Review have got the scoop on who will star in Lexi Alexander’s Punisher 2, and it just so happens to be Titus Pullo himself, Ray Stevenson.

Now I haven’t been following this story too closely, mainly because I’ve never been interested in the character, but as a fan of Rome, I think Stevenson could be a great choice. He’s certainly got the appearance of a man who can….erm punish people, and viewers of the HBO show will have witnessed many occassions where he becomes a one man army, taking on dozens of generic thugs in viseral action.

So yeah, I support this casting move, even if I’m not 100% behind the idea of The Punisher 2 in the first place. To be fair the first film had an excellent fight sequence between Thomas Jane and Kevin Nash, but otherwise it was completely forgettable (and the Dolph Lundgren version had literally been forgotten until I read the news story at Latino Review).

You can read the full news story here.