The Punisher TV Series Lands at FOX


The Punisher Comic BookGood news and bad news, comic book fanboys.

After three failed attempts on the big screen, everyone’s favorite vigilante is giving TV a shot. The good news is that The Punisher is back, and he’s found a TV show on a major network. The bad news? That major network is FOX, which is notorious for greenlighting genre shows only to cancel them faster than you can say, “Oh come on, give it a CHANCE already!” I need not remind Joss Whedon’s legion of fans about the fickle nature of FOX.

“The Punisher” TV series, from “Criminal Minds” showrunner Ed Bernero, will divert from the comic book somewhat, though that’s to be expected. The vigilante ex-Marine will now instead be “a rising star detective with the New York Police Department who moonlights as the vigilante Punisher, seeking justice for those the system has failed.” His name, though, will still be Frank Castle, and he’ll still flash the skull of justice as The Punisher.

The show has been handed a put pilot from FOX, which, while not guaranteeing that the show will go to series, does give it a better than average chance since the network would be on the hook for penalty fees if they decide otherwise.

“The Punisher” marks the third Marvel TV property that’s found a home at a network, with the Guillermo del Toro-produced “Hulk” and “AKA Jessica Jones” gestating over at ABC.

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Author: Nix

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  • Bad Zack

    nope — should have been at least FX — with no violence it will be sub par

    • Dedpool

      On that we are agreed! I could even deal with the new angle as it would add the wrinkle of keeping his identity as the Punisher secret.

  • Acácio Soares

    I liked the last movie :]
    But my feeling about this show…. the majority of the viewers will not like the classic punisher style, or the series will divert alot from the comic book to survive, and thats bad (for fans at least)
    The writers will have a bad time to do a decent punisher series on fox, probably will die right on the pilot ep. (hope not!)

  • Dominique Hatcher

    I see this going the way of either WONDER WOMAN or THE CAPE……..

  • Juggernaut

    When are they going to learn how to adapt this character?! He’s not that hard to translate in my opinion at least. He is one of the most realistic characters in comics for crying out loud!!! He has no super powers, a great reason to start a life as a vigilante and doesn’t even wear a mask! How hard is it to make a show about him?! The last movie was decent. Unfortunately it had no audience because of the Travolta movie before it. They could do Frank justice on a Cinemax with the other mature action content that they are developing but FOX??? I have very little faith for this series.

  • Dedpool

    I Dunno guys. The idea itself with the slight change to the character has potential, but that immediately is killed by it being on Fox. and not Showtime, HBO, Starz, or FX even. The Thomas Jane film had the right tone, but the setting was all wrong, and there wasn’t enough action or violence. War Zone was violent enough with decent action, the right setting, but the tone was a little too campy or over the top. As I said above, using this version would allow for some deeper story elements because lets face it the Punisher himself doesn’t really lend to good storytelling, it’s the criminals and that really move the story, and Frank’s unrelelnting pursuit that makes the stories. Add in that he’s now a cop and there’s a Punisher Task Force (if they go that route) he’s going to have a hard time keeping his secret without it causing serious issues for him.

    • Juggernaut

      I can see that route being interesting. The detective angle could work. They CANNOT change his family being slain. That is the entire reason that Frank Castle becomes The Punisher! A series could also allow for some viet Nam flashbacks, characters like microchip and the neighbors to create a believable bond with Frank and time for the members of the task force to become interesting. I really just hope that they keep the tone and the feel gritty.

      • Dedpool

        With him being an up and coming detective I doubt he’ll be a Nam vet, but more likely coming from either Afghanistan or Iraq. And I’m sure he will lose his family as its the equivalent to the death of the Waynes, and Ben Parker and is something that can’t be changed, only some of the circumstances maybe.
        Sent on the go!

        • Juggernaut

          I could see them taking elemts from the comics and the Thomas Jane film
          After two tours with the U.S. Marine Corp in Afganistan, Frank Castle returned home to his wife and newborn son. He soon became a NY police detective. During an investigation into the Gnucci crime family Castle shot and killed the eldest son of Gnucci matriarch Ma’ Gnucci. Seeking revenge on the upstart detective, Ma’ Gnucci put a hit out on Frank and his family. Being the only survivor of the attack, Frank vowed to deliver punishment to not just the Gnucci crime family but all criminals who cross his path. Now a vigilante the detective must split time between his job fighting crime on the NY city police force while delivering justice with extreme predjudice as The Punisher!

          • Dedpool

            My thoughts exactly! Already set up big bad for the first arc. Now we can throw in characters like Barracuda, The Russian, Jigsaw (make him a serial killer now), and others.

  • Nix

    If anyone’s seen PERSON OF INTEREST on CBS, it’s essentially THE PUNISHER without the skull…

    • Debo4735

      I like that show James Cavisel is a BAD A$$!

  • Aaronalive

    Was just thinking the other day that this would be fantastic as a tv show, but on hbo, showtime, starz or fx. Fox will fuck it up. I’ll watch it, if it ever makes it to air.