The Punisher Wants a Piece of Denzel’s Book of Eli, Too

Whether Ray Stevenson will find stardom in Hollywood probably depends on how his starring turn as the Punisher in “Punisher: War Zone” performs at the box office. Things are not looking, er, good. Besides the assload of bad publicity engendered from the film’s inside fighting between the director, producer, and various other factions, there’s the matter of the movie itself. It, er, doesn’t look so hot. At least, unless you think colorful lighting is what the Punisher is all about. I guess I just, you know, never looked at the character in quite those colorful primary colors before. Anyways. Even if the Punisher bombs (again), Stevenson should have a pretty steady career as the hulking enforcer-ish type, which seems to be what he’s playing in the upcoming “Book of Eli”.

Variety has more on Stevenson’s role in the sci-fi/Western movie:

Stevenson will play an enforcer dispatched to kill Eli (Washington) as he fights his way across the American wasteland, protecting a sacred book that may hold the key to saving humanity.

Stevenson joins a cast that already includes leading man Denzel Washington (Eli himself), heavy Gary Oldman as a dastardly warlord, and damsel in distress Mila Kunis as the chick sent to get the book from Eli, but ends up helping him on his quest. The Hughes Brothers are directing from a script by Gary Whitta.

Below: “Gosh, I hope Hollywood doesn’t stereotype me as a the slow, dimwitted enforcer type…”