The Raid: Redemption Has a DVD/Blu-ray Date


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A day doesn’t go by that someone doesn’t email me asking when/where they can get a copy of Gareth Evans’ “The Raid: Redemption” on DVD/Blu-ray. I don’t blame them. “The Raid” is one of the craziest action movie I’ve seen in a long while, and although the narrative is a tad, shall we say, spotty and the film relies on a total whopper of a premise (really, an entire building housed with criminals except for that one nerdy guy and his pregnant wife?), it’s still a ridiculously entertaining action movie with hardcore stunts and bloodletting.

So yes, I don’t blame you guys for wanting desperately to get your hands on a DVD/Blu-ray copy of this insanity. Well, sorry to say, it’ll be a while yet.

The good news is that the film is currently up for pre-order on from Sony Pictures. The bad news is that the movie won’t be available until August 14, 2012. Unfortunately, there are also no specs, though the fact that it’ll be hitting Blu-ray as well as DVD is cause for celebration.

If you would like, you can pre-order your copy now.

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  • Brent McKnight

    I’m going to buy this and watch it every day just so I feel like I’ve been punched in the face.

    • Nix

      Did you notice that Evans essentially redid the climactic fight of Merantau in The Raid? Except in reverse?

      • Brent McKnight

        I never thought of it that way, but you’re right.

  • Dedpool

    DAMNIT!!! Aughust?!? Well I know what i willbe buying that month!!

    • Brent McKnight

      I plan to accomplish nothing else in August but watching this on repeat.

      • Dedpool

        Sounds like a plan i can get behind!

  • demianmayako

    well, actually there were more than that nerdy guy and his wife who was not a criminal. You can see at the beginning there’s a junkie who did nothing against the law. Also if you remember when Rama threw himself through a window with the machete gang leader and landed in one of the room below, there were couple who looked like junkies as well.

    If I’m a good guy who live there I’m sure to chose stay inside my room which probably all did. That nerdy guy caught when he entered the building. When Tama turned off the light what did he do? He broke his way from the police and chose to hide inside his own room.