The Raid Sequel in the Works

Iko Uwais in The Raid (2011) Movie Image

I have yet to see Gareth Evans’ “The Raid”, his follow-up to 2009’s “Meranthau” with Tony Jaa lookalike Iko Uwais kicking some serious ass (or so I’ve heard), but you can bet your bibby I’m seeing it when it hits SXSW in March. Until then, though, there’s something else to look forward to: Evans and Uwais have already signed on for a sequel, set to shoot on location in Jakarta by the end of 2012.

This is on top of earlier news that the film has already been snapped up for a Hollywood remake. Which one will hit first? We can only hope the original boys work faster than slow-moving Hollywood, which probably won’t be too hard.

Currently working under the title of “Berendal”, the sequel will have a bigger budget than the first movie (International acclaim and hit status will tend to do that to a budget), but no plot details have been disclosed. We suspect fighting will be involved.

The first movie saw “an elite SWAT team tasked with raiding an impenetrable safe house deep in the heart of Jakarta’s slums. As the mission quickly falls apart, the squad finds themselves stranded in the building and left with no choice but to complete the mission by fighting their way out.”

Or, to be more precise, this happens:

Via : Variety