The REAL Justice League Movie Plot Details?

Oh boy. Whoever it is at the studio that is orchestrating all these “leaks” of the Justice League scripts need a raise. They’ve got us Internet movie fanboys all in a twitter, running around with our heads stuck between our legs trying to “scoop” each other. A while ago, there was that script that Movie Hole was supposed to have been sent to them, that was soon discredited, before it was confirmed again by a bunch of other sites. Now the guys over at UGO claims they have the real script — or at least the first 14 pages of it, and according to them, it’s nothing like the version that was released and reported on a few weeks back (here). So who is right and who is wrong, and how brilliant is the studio by leaking all this “real” scripts to us gullible movie folks?

Here’s UGO’s version of the “real” script:

Whereas the fake script opened on Green Lantern flying a jet fighter, the real Justice League of America script begins on a much grander and somber note: Superman walking on the rooftop of a cathedral. He is there as well as five other members of the Justice League (Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter) because they are paying their respects at a funeral, grieving over the loss of someone that we don’t know as of yet. If you’re thinking that the deceased is Batman because he’s not in attendance, you’re wrong. The funeral is a public event and as such Batman doesn’t show up until after all of the cameras have gone away. For now, the rest of the League is under the media spotlight, each of them showing their respects for the deceased by wearing black. For example, instead of the his traditional red and blue costume Superman is wearing an alternative black-on-black costume. Maybe it will be like the black costume that Superman wore after returning from the dead in the comic books.

And then we cut back to six days earlier in Central City…

It goes on for a while. Click here to read the whole thing.

Of course, it begs the question: If this is true, then why did Variety report that a bunch of kids were auditioning for the movie? Hmm…

But seriously, whoever is orchestrating these “leaked scripts” campaign to f— with us? Brilliant!

The REAL Justice League Movie Plot Details