The Real Reason Behind the Death of Spider-Man 4? Probably. Maybe.

The saga of what happened to Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 4” looks like it has the makings of legendary stuff. Fun, gossip-filled, rumormongering good stuff. NYMag has their own theory, and they are backing it up with what they say is the plotline for the script (one of many drafts by one of many writers) that Sam Raimi was championing. The article also seems to point the finger at Sam Raimi and James Cameron for the whole mess. Why Cameron? According to the article, Raimi was so enamored with what Cameron did, tech-wise on “Avatar”, that he was talking up the same sort of “envelope-pushing” (re: very expensive) ambitions for “Spider-Man 4”. Plus, there’s this plot for the movie that Raimi was insistent on doing, and yes, it does in fact involve the Vulture, as has been widely reported:

Peter Parker gets over MJ, finds a new girl, falls in love. But: Peter also discovers her father is actually the Vulture, a naughty green guy with wings to be played by John Malkovich. Peter is torn between the love of his new lady and taking down the Vulture. Being a Spandex tight-ass, he decides to take down the Vulture, and kills him. This patricide goes down poorly with Peter’s new fiancée, and she rejects him. Despondent, Peter decides to abandon his superpowers, and Movie No. 4 ends with Peter Parker throwing away his Spider-Man mask, and audiences wondering if they are watching Superman II.

So basically, Raimi is rehashing himself again. Didn’t Peter Parker already “give up” the mask in part 2, only to pick it up again? Plus, the whole “new girl” idea was also done in part 3. Basically, Raimi wanted to redo parts 2 and 3, but do it even more expensively. Sheesh. If this is true, no wonder Sony/Columbia balked. That, and the fact that new technology of the type Raimi is envisioning would have set the film well past its 2011 release date.

And if this is indeed true, it also reiterates the reasons I kept giving why Raimi shouldn’t come back — by this point, he’s just treading water. Better to just hand the franchise over to a new, younger director who can pump some life into it.

The difference between Raimi and I? I can lift this big ass camera. Score!