The Robocop Reboot Lands a Writer

Deadline reports that MGM’s reboot of “Robocop” has landed a writer in Josh Zetumer, who is expected to work closely with director Jose Padilha on the sci-fi actioner. Padilha, as you’ll recall, was previously hired to direct the reboot, essentially taking over for Darren Aronofsky who was, once upon a time, scheduled to direct the Detroit cyborg cop’s big screen comeback.

Late last year, I reviewed Fox’s Blu-ray release of the “Robocop” trilogy, and I was reminded again just how good Paul Verhoeven’s original movie was. It’s hard to believe that the film was made in the ’80s, because it’s still pretty damn good to this day. But it was also pretty easy to see how badly the franchise dipped in terms of quality with the sequels.

The good news is that Padilha is used to working with gritty action, so give the guy a decent budget and get out of his way, MGM.