The Rock as Commando? Megan Fox as Buffy?

According to the boys over at cineFOOLS, who were careful to preface their post with a CYA “this could all be false, so whatever” tag, The Rock is attached to remake “Commando” in the Arnold Schwarzenegger role, while Megan Fox is being courted as Buffy in the reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that almost no one wants except, well, the people trying to reboot it. Now of course these are both completely unsubstantiated casting rumors from one site that no one has really heard of until now, so take it for what you will. (See there? We just CYA ourselves like they did!)

I personally don’t think Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the “Commando” reboot (if someone really was going to reboot it) would be a bad idea. I could think of worst actors in the role. Like, you know, Pauley Shore or something. And Johnson and Schwarzenegger have been doing the “passing of the torch” thing since Johnson’s “The Rundown”, when the Big S. showed up in a cameo to do just that.

Megan Fox as Buffy, meanwhile, I don’t see happening. Mostly because Fox seems incredibly dismissive of superhero characters other than the Aspen chick from the “Fathom” comic book that she’s trying to get made. How the Fathom character differs from, say, Wonder Woman or Tomb Raider, both of whom Fox has derided recently, is a mystery to me. Plus, Megan Fox has been talking recently about how she wishes all of Middle America would just die already ain’t gonna help matters.

So, what to make of these two rumors? I say take The Rock in “Commando” one as possible, and the Megan Fox as Buffy one as not gonna happen. Besides, wouldn’t Buffy need to actually know how to act and fight? As far as I can tell, Megan Fox just knows how to look pretty. Remember how “Transformers” tried to sell her as some grease monkey? Har har. Nice one, Michael Bay, nice one…

Megan Fox