The Rock Chasing Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in Fast Five?

Ugh. I still hate that title. “Fast Five”? Sounds like something my 8-year old nephew would come up with, and he’s not exactly the smartest bulb in the bunch. Sorry, 8-year old nephew, but I gotta keep it reel. You know who else is keeping it real? Deadline, who reports that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is very keen on playing a lawman in the fifth entry in the “Fast and Furious” franchise, aka “Fast Five”.

According to the site, talk of Johnson joining the Paul Walker and Vin Diesel movie is “in the works”, but it’s not a done deal yet. If it does happen, The Rock would play a lawman who is tasked with pursuing vehicular fugitives Dom and Brian, who, rumor has it, will be hiding out in Brazil or thereabouts in the fifth movie.

If The Rock signs on, it would be the second car-themed film for him in a roll, following his upcoming “Faster”, which has him playing an ex-con/driver who seeks revenge for his brother’s death. He had previously played a cabbie in “Race to Witch Mountain”, and for the longest time, was attached to the car-spy movie “Spyhunter.”

Justin Lin will direct “Fast Five” for Universal. The studio, along with star Vin Diesel, is keen to get the fifth movie into production and out as soon as possible. Why the hurry? Part four made over $353 million worldwide, that’s why.

'Hey, do you come with the car?'