The Rock Fills us in on his Fast and Furious 5 Role

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be joining Vin Diesel and Paul Walker when the boys and their custom cars that go vroom-vroom real fast return to the screen for another car chase-heavy outing in 2011. MTV caught up with Johnson, who filled them in on his role in the upcoming Latin America-set sequel. According to Johnson, it sounds like this isn’t a one-and-done, because he says he’s being “introduced … into the franchise”.

We’re gonna introduce a new character into the franchise. A really unique U.S. Marshal who is hired to hunt and track down Vin Diesel and Paul Walker…

He’s a former bounty hunter. He has a unique group of guys who, when the government has issues in trying to track down and find individuals, they call my character….

I get me and my guys, we’re gonna hunt them down, we’re gonna track them, we’re gonna bring their asses in, we’re gonna whip their asses. Not necessarily in that order.

It’s probably a given that The Rock’s character will be more of a Samuel Gerard type (ala “The Fugitive”), someone who realizes the bad boys he’s chasing really aren’t that bad, and by film’s end, is on their side. I could be wrong, of course, but that’s the vibe I’m getting here.

The fifth “Fast and Furious” movie, to be called “Fast Five”, is scheduled for Summer 2011. Until then, you can catch The Rock in fast car action in his upcoming actioner “Faster”, where he plays a getaway driver out for revenge, due out later this year.