The Rock is Stout at the Box Office, The Seeker Finds Squat

You can’t knock a good Rock down, as the old saying goes. For the second straight week, The Rock’s kiddie comedy “The Game Plan” took the top spot at a very weak box office (I guess people just didn’t feel like going to the movies this weekend), claiming $16 million for a 2-week total of $42 million, which I think easily makes it The Rock’s most successful movie to date. Ben Stiller’s “The Heartbreak Kid” didn’t quite have it in it to knock down the Rock, coming in second with $14 million in its debut weekend. Peter Berg’s “The Kingdom” remained surprisingly strong at #3 in its second week with $9 million, while the wannabe fantasy franchise “The Seeker: The Dark is Rising” was a major dud in its debut, barely managing to scrape together $3 million from a whopping 3141 theaters.

The abysmal performance of “The Seeker” is pretty astounding, given the film’s $40 million budget. You add in the cost of advertising and whatnot, and the film probably cost somewhere north of $50 million just to put into theaters. And with a return of $3 million? Wow. If the kids don’t rush out to see it in its first weekend, there’s probably no chance they’ll increase that attendance in the second or third week.

Here’s how the rest of the box office breaks down:

1 — The Game Plan — Buena Vista Pictures Distribution — $16,262,000
2 — The Heartbreak Kid — Paramount Pictures — $14,031,000
3 — The Kingdom — Universal Pictures Distribution — $9,345,000
4 — Resident Evil: Extinction — Screen Gems, Sony Pictures Releasing — $4,300,000
5 — The Seeker: The Dark is Rising — Unnamed Fox-Walden Joint Venture — $3,725,000
6 — Good Luck Chuck — Lionsgate — $3,500,000
7 — Feel the Noise — Sony Pictures Releasing — $3,400,00
8 — 3:10 to Yuma — Lionsgate — $3,040,000
9 — The Brave One — Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution — $2,260,000
10 — Mr. Woodcock — New Line Cinema — $2,025,000