The Saw 7 vs. Paranormal Activity 2 Battle Gets Deliciously Petty

Oh right, like this is really going to be a “battle” come Halloween. Let’s face it, Lionsgate’s “Saw 7”, even with the newfangled 3D route that they’re going with, doesn’t stand a chance against Paramount’s “Paranormal Activity 2”. It’s gonna be a slaughter and parents will have to hide their kids from the stench of pwnage that Lionsgate will have to endure. But hey, give Lionsgate this: if they’re going down, at least they’re gonna go down swinging. Or at the very least, like little squealing babies.

Word from Deadline is that Lionsgate has thrown a wrench in Paramount’s faux documentary sequel by snatching away their announced director, Kevin Greutert. As you may know, Greutert has history with the “Saw” franchise, having directed the studio’s last installment, #6. In what can only be described as a deliciously petty move, Lionsgate has exercised their option to have Greutert return to direct “Saw 7”, which was originally supposed to be directed by David Hackl.

Paramount now has to find a new director for “Paranormal Activity 2”, and one presumes, think of something equally petty to get revenge on Lionsgate. Meanwhile, Greutert has to quickly get to work, because he has less than two weeks of prep time for “Saw 7”, which is currently just going under the title of “Saw 3D”. You know, so the kids don’t realize this thing is already on the seventh movie. Luckily for Greutert and company, the “Saw” franchise has become such that they needn’t worry too much about story or scripting issues. It is at #7, after all.

Greutert is understandably perturbed by Lionsgate’s stink bomb, and says as much at his blog, though he’s removed the more incendiary post that describes his feelings in regards to the matter. And really, can you blame the guy? Hmm, let’s see: the director of a sure-to-be mega hit that will shoot his career into the stratosphere, or going back to a franchise already in the throes of its dying breath? Yeah, Greutert ain’t liking this one bit. Of course, he could always NOT direct the movie, but that could get pretty messy, real quick…

This is what happens when you mess with Lionsgate. Yup, that's right: free headgear!