The Sci-Fi Week That Was: 06/06/09 – 06/12/09

Michael Bay’s “Transformers: ROTF” recently held its Japan premiere. Some pics from that event. That Megan Fox girl is purty. And for IMAX lovers, lucky you, because the “ROTF” IMAX will be longer, harder, and more metal. Anxious yet? No? Try these amusing audition clips, and this one that proves robots can be sleazy, too.

– Also, in the mood for some “Transmorphers”? Yes, I said “Transmorphers”. Er, part two.

– Is James Cameron directing a segment of the animated “Heavy Metal”? Maybe. What is a sure bet is the “Avatar” game.

– Will “Terminator 5” be set in London and feature a time-traveling John Connor? Possibly. The question is, does anyone still care after “Salvation”?

– The Sci Fi Channel’s Stargate: Universe show has gotten itself a new behind-the-scenes clip. In a word, it’s different. Plus, promos of the show’s cast.

– A review of Duncan Jones’ “Moon”. Read it. Then check out this clip from the movie.

– Viral posters for the Peter Jackson-produced “District 9”. They’re viral-ly.

– Another busy sci-fi man is Robert Rodriguez, who spent the week denying reports that he had offered a role to Arnold Schwarzenegger to reprise his Dutch characte for the sequel. Speaking of the sequel, word is Neil Marshall is up for the director’s chair in “Predators”, with Rodriguez is apparently now just producing. He’ll probably be too busy directing the “Jetsons” live-action movie anyway.

– Cast promos and official synopsis for the Sci Fi Channel’s new series Warehouse 13. It’s like The X-Files, minus Mulder and Scully, and with more camp.

– Ridley Scott’s planned “Alien” reboot has hit a bump.

– Is Ron Moore’s Virtuality a go or isn’t it?

– “John Carter of Mars” finally lands its John Carter and his Martian babe, and they both happen to have co-starred in this summer’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”.

– And finally, Shane Acker’s puppet movie “9” gets a final poster.