The Sci-Fi Week That Was: 4/13/08-4/19/08

What would a sci-fi week in review be without a Stargate or X-Files sequel news? Well it would be pretty damn boring, that’s for sure. The previous week’s sci-fi movie and TV news also includes a huge helping of solid casting news about Joss Whedon’s new FOX show Dollhouse, which stars Eliza Dushku and now, a couple of more castmembers from Whedon’s previous shows. And finally, some Star Wars and BSG news as well.

Stargate: Continuum Bootleg Trailer – The first trailer for the upcoming Stargate DVD movie, “Continuum”. It was bootleg out of some convention or festival or the such. Looks good.

Movie Trailer: Star Wars – The Clone Wars – Movie trailer for George Lucas’ latest money making scheme — er, I mean, Star Wars movies was posted online for a moment, before getting pulled everywhere else. Scour the net, maybe you can still find it somewhere. Hint: YouTube.

Star Trek 11 Behind-the-Scenes Tidbits – Background information on J.J. Abrams Trek 11 movie. Shatner is going to be pissed.

FOX Greenlights Ron Moore’s Virtuality – BSG producer Ron Moore’s got a new sci-fi show on FOX called Virtuality, about a group of people on a ship with only virtual reality to pass the time. I hope it’s better than it sounds. Then he jumps to movies with BSG’s Ron Moore to Create New Sci-Fi Movie Trilogy for United Artists.

Dreamworks to Make Live-Action 3D Ghost in the Shell Movie! – Steven Spielberg. “Ghost in the Shell.” Live-action. Plus, Dreamworks to Wage War with Atlantis Rising.

X-Files 2 Title Revealed: I Want to Believe – Chris Carter finally reveals the title of the “X-Files” movie sequel, and it blows. Plus, discover the sequel’s entire plot in X-Files 2 Plot Revealed.

Amy Acker Enters Whedon’s Dollhouse! – Whedon brings Amy Ackers into the fold of Dollhouse. 24’s Harry Lennix Joins Whedon’s Dollhouse, too. And yes, even More Dollhouse Details.

Shane Abbess to Direct Source Code – Aussie director Shane Abbess goes Hollywood with a sci-fi movie.

More Images from Vincenzo Natali’s Splice – Fans of Natali gets treated to a couple more concept artwork from the movie.