The Sci Fi Week That Was: 4/27/08 – 5/02/08

This week in sci-fi news brings you the following topics of interests: American soldiers battle in an alien gladiatorial arena, new images from the A&E remake of “The Andromeda Strain”, more aliens means more post-apocalyptic fun, a sci-fi game becomes a movie, and it’s not by a guy named Uwe Boll (sorry, Uwe), “X-Files 2” stuff, Alex Proyas’ “Dark City” returns in style, and what’s that fat kid from “Superbad” got to do with the latest “Transformers” movie? Also, the latest “Starship Troopers” movie gets a DVD release date, the first poster for the cool-sounding “Push”, and another casting confirmation for The Bay’s “Transformers 2”.

Sci-Fi Gladiators Fight to the Death in Arena – American soldiers get snatched from the battlefields by aliens to fight in a sci-fi arena. And you thought YOU had a bad day.

New Images from X-Files 2 – Yet more images from the poorly titled movie. Seriously? “I Want to Believe”? I want to throw up just saying it.

New Images from Andromeda Strain Mini-Series – New images from basic cable channel A&E’s remake of Michael Crichton’s “The Andromeda Strain”.

Dark City Director’s Cut DVD Cover and Specs – Word is a re-release in theaters is on the way with the new and improved Director’s Cut version, complete with more badass special effects and a longer running time. If not, there’s always the DVD.

Resurrection Comic Gets Optioned for Movie – What happens AFTER the alien invasion? “Resurrection” aims to find out. My guess is it’s not pretty.

Zero-G Game Becomes Zero-G the Movie – And no, Uwe Boll haters, Dr. Boll is not involved. But it would be cool if he was…

Starship Troopers 3: Marauder DVD Release Date – They’re baaaaaaaaaaaack. Now the question is, do you care? If so, you’ll probably want to know the DVD release date of this alien bad boy.

Jonah Hill to Join Transformers 2 – Fat kid from “Superbad” and those Judd Apatow movies will play Shia LaBeouf’s college roomie in the sequel. Also, Aussie actress Teresa Palmer has been cast in the sequel.

Movie Poster for Paul McGuigan’s Push – A stylish poster for Paul McGuigan’s “Push”, about fugitive American folks with superpowers who hides out doing crimes for folks.

Teaser Trailer for Vin Diesel’s Babylon A.D. – The Vin returns with another sci-fi actioner, this one from France. The first teaser is online.