The Sci-Fi Week That Was: 5/17/08 – 5/23/08

A couple of casting news in the world of sci-fi this previous week, including a couple of big ones and a couple of TV (smaller) ones that only people interested in those shows will care about. And of course, another Hollywood remake makes a big announcement, and this time it’s no flash in the pan. Get it? Um, let’s continue, shall we?

Three More Battlestar Galactica DVD Movies on the Way? – Battlestar Galactica land leads us off with news that the Sci Fi Channel is considering as many as 3 original BSG movies in the future. Also from BSG land, the BSG prequel Caprica nabs a couple of additional actors for its show.

Emmerich’s Apocalyptic 2012 Gets Cusack, Ejiofor – John Cusack plans to leave the stink of the impending failure that was “War Inc” for the greener pastures of Roland Emmerich’s latest “destroy the planet” saga. He’s joined by the dude from “Serenity”.

Columbia Pictures Wants to Remake Flash Gordon – Another day in Hollywood, another remake of a sci-fi movie property. So what else is new?

Babylon A.D. Director in End of the World MNP – French director Mathieu Kassovitz isn’t tired of sci-fi just yet. After “Babylon A.D.” with Vin Diesel, Kassovitz has the space station saga “MNP” gearing up.

Transformers 2 Needs College Girls – More “Transformers 2” casting. This time — college chicks!

James Cameron Talks Avatar 3-D – James Cameron is obsessed with 3D. I mean, really, really obsessed. He should see a doctor or something.