The Sci-Fi Week That Was: 6/13/09 – 6/19/09

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To start off with, a couple of casting news: Former ER doc Noah Wylie is in the running for the lead in a new TNT TV show about the aftermath of an alien invasion, to be produced by that Spielberg guy; and over at Mars happenings, former “Spider-Man 3″ villain Thomas Haden Church let slip that he’ll be joining the cast of “John Carter of Mars”, though wouldn’t say who he’ll be playing. Check out the rest of this week’s notable sci-fi news below.


Sci-Fi Trailers! Trailers! Trailers!

Roland Emmerich continues his grudge against the planet by blowing it up in cool and ridiculous ways in the first full trailer for his end-of-the-world movie “2012”, starring John Cusack as your savior and Danny Glover as the President. Yup, the world really going to hell.


Over in indie land, Paul Giamatti decides to do what all good Hollywood actors must do, get rid of his soul in the first trailer for his “Cold Souls”. Paul Giamatti plays a guy name Paul Giamatti. It’s like “Being John Malkovich”, minus John Malkovich. But with, er, Paul Giamatti.

And a poster for the movie:


Eric Bana realizes that he loves Rachel McAdams in “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, though that whole time traveling thing sorta gets in the way in this first trailer for the romantic time travel drama/sci-fi-ish flick.

Aw, ain’t they cute?


Sci-Fi Posters, Images, and Other Essential Visual Treats

“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” opens mid-next week, which means even more “ROTF” promos. Up first, new pics of big honkin’ robots and Megan Fox in tight shorts. Me likey. Click on the images below to visit their respective galleries.

Premiere photos:

A bonus clip from the movie, proving that you can outrun Decepticons, but you can’t, well, outrun Decepticons:


Here’s another character posters for Christian Alvert’s space horror flick “Pandorum”, which may or may not be about monsters, or possibly it’s all taking place in someone’s head. I get the feeling the ending is going to leave people a little peeved either way.


Over at Disney land, some set pics of Nicolas Cage and the lovely Monica Bellucci in action on “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. I’m telling you, there’s nothing more magical than Monica Bellucci’s cleavage. Click on the pic for more.


Sci-Fi TV:

Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica still has life in it yet. A new TV movie called “Battlestar Galactica: The Plan” aims to get you back into the Cylon-human battle later this year by revisiting the events that led to the show’s mind-boggling series finale. A teaser trailer and a clip from the movie, which premieres in November, below. Shaky cams in space lovers rejoice!


Speaking of Ron Moore, he’s also got a new sci-fi show cooking over at FOX called Virtuality, though it’s not looking good to go to series. FOX will be premiering the show as a two-hour backdoor pilot next week. Here are 12 minutes worth of clips from the show. Shaky cams in space lovers rejoice some more!


Over at ABC, pretty media people were invited to check out the network’s new “We hope it’s another Lost!” show, David Goyer’s FlashForward (one word there, chief), about what happens when everyone in the world blacks out for a couple of minutes and sees the future. Word is, it’s groovy. The latest TV promos can be found here. Some pics from the show below. And yes, that is the guy from “Harold and Kumar” — with a gun. Click on the images for more.

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