The Sci-Fi Week That Was: 6/27/09 – 7/3/09

If it’s Comic Con, then it has to have sci-fi, right? Let’s start off with a couple of sci-fi at Comic Con related news, starting with James Cameron’s “Avatar”, sure to be one of the biggest panel at the con. A new poster for it, and information on the movie’s panel, here. And hey, fans of Farscape, Rockne O’Bannon, Claudia Black, and Ben Browder will also be at the con to promote a re-release of the show’s four seasons, now repackaged into a mega box set. It’s not just big, it’s mega size! You know you want one. More info on that here. Plus, a quick note that the Robert Rodriguez-produced “Predators” has landed its director, and his name is Nimrod Antal. No jokes about the man’s first name, please.


Sci-Fi Trailers and Clips:

“Gamer” with Gerard Butler and that serial killer good guy from Dexter gets a cooler International trailer. If you thought Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor were nuts when they did the “Crank” movies, wait til you get a load of “Gamer”. The guys are nuts, I’m telling ya.

Hey, look, they can do sci-fi down south of the border, too! It’s called “2033”. I call it “Equilibrium” without the gun-kata and Christian Bale. First trailer for it below.

Like Paul Giamatti? Think his “Cold Souls” could be fun? Check out seven clips from it. One of them is below. See the rest here.


Sci-Fi CG Movie News:

“9”, the CG movie by Shane Ackers and produced by that Tim Burton guy, gets itself nine character posters. See them all here.

Meanwhile, The Rock’s latest attempt to impress your kids continue with a trailer for his new CG movie “Planet 51”.


Sci-Fi TV:

Ron Moore’s new sci-fi show Virtuality debuted as a two-hour movie last week. Unfortunately, no one saw it. Or at least, not enough people to get the show greenlit for a series. This isn’t the Sci Fi Channel, after all. Fox has a bad habit of canceling shows that don’t perform immediately. Ratings news, or lack thereof, here. If you were holding your breath for a new Ron Moore sci-fi series, you can stop now.

And oh yeah, they’re reviving the ’80s-90s show Alien Nation on the Sci Fi Channel. Excuse me, I meant, Sy Fy Channel. Tim Minear, former of The X-Files and Angel have been tasked with bringing the show back to life. Well, at least he isn’t a Newcomer (ahem) to the genre.

And just when you thought George Lucas couldn’t come up with more reasons to steal your money, apparently that Star Wars TV show we’ve been hearing about is almost happening. Almost. Read all about it here. As they say, as long as there are suckers, there will be Star Wars fans. Sorry, Star Wars fans, but you gotta admit, ol George hasn’t exactly served you well in recent years. Or decades. And yet, when he calls, you run.


In Michael Bay News:

Michael Bay isn’t going to let the wild success of “Transformers 2” slow him down. The blow’em master is already talking “Transformers 3”, and has set his sights on a series of young adult sci-fi novels called “I am Number 4”. No word on whether Bay will direct, but he’ll definitely produce with Steven Spielberg through Dreamworks. More details on the movie here. The movie will feature a planet being blown up. Hey, it’s The Bay, did you expect anything less?


And finally, in Bruce Willis news, the bald one’s latest movie “Surrogates” gets a new spanking poster. It’s aiiight. I’d much rather see co-stars Rosamund Pike or Radha Mitchell, though. They’re purty.