The Sci-Fi Week That Was: 7/4/09 – 7/11/09

So what’s been going on in the world of sci-fi this week? Well, Robert Rodriguez has been talking up his plans to tackle the “Predator” sequel (officially known as “Predators” now), and the LA Times was there to record the conversation. (Read that interview here.) Meanwhile, the folks behind the Gerard Butler sci-fi actioner “Gamer” would like to introduce you to the movie’s augmented reality movie poster. Yeah, no clue myself. Find out all about it here.


Trailers, Trailers, Trailers:

Three new sci-fi movie trailers this week, one for the Peter Jackson-produced “District 9”

…another for Christian Alvart’s sci-fi/horror movie “Pandorum”

…and the final one is an International trailer for Shane Acker and Tim Burton’s “9”


In Sci-Fi TV News (Or is that In SYFY TV News?):

The Sci-Fi Channel is now officially become the SyFy Channel, and they put out some offerings over the week. In particular, the premiere of their new X-Files-inspired show Warehouse 13. You can read our review of that here. More photo promos can be found here (one of them is below):

In other SyFy Channel news, here’s a new TV spot for the channel’s other upcoming show, Stargate: Universe

…and a character profile featurette on actor Robert Carlyle and his role…

By the way, the show’s official site has now opened.

But wait, the SyFy Channel isn’t the only one with a new sci-fi show coming up. NBC’s also got a show called Day One from the makers of Heroes, which looks way more sci-fi than originally envisioned. Check out an extended trailer for it below.


And finally, did you know that Roland Emmerich is a master of disaster? Well now you do. Check out this fan-made satire on Emmerich’s idea of what constitutes a movie. In a word: people getting killed on a massive scale. The dude really doesn’t seem to appreciate the human race, is the vibe I’m getting.