The Science Team Indiegogo Trailer is Damn Near Perfect

Science Team (2013) Movie Image

Full disclosure: I am a ridiculously huge fan of Drew Bolduc’s “The Taint.” The film scarred my soul in ways few films have, and I feel that I’m an altogether better person for having viewed it. Even if you hate the movie with every fiber of your well-adjusted being, you can’t say it didn’t have some sort of effect on you. Curious parties are invited to investigate my review.

To say that I’m excited for “Science Team” is an understatement. The film has claimed the top spot of my must-see list, surpassing just about every other motion picture on the planet.

The “Science Team” gang has put together a nifty trailer for their new crowdfunding campaign. It’s weird, it’s engaging, and it asks you bluntly for your money. In short, it does exactly what an Indiegogo trailer is supposed to do. Now cough up the money.

Here’s what “Science Team” is all about:

Chip returns home to find that his mother has been brutally murdered. A sessile space alien is now living in her house. Science Team must eliminate the extraterrestrial threat. Drama ensues. People die. Inner and extraterrestrial demons are engaged. Men in pink suits use cool-looking technology. Events culminate in a destructive orgy of violence of such an epic intensity that people’s minds are literally blown out of their heads.

Should you feel compelled to share some of your hard-earned wealth with a bunch of degenerate filmmakers who make disgusting movies, swing by the official “Science Team” Indiegogo site. If you crave more information, then stop by the flick’s Facebook page. While you’re making your decision, have a look-see at the video embedded below.

Science Team (2013) Movie Image