The Second Impressive Trailer for The Lost Bladesman Has Arrived

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As much as I’ve pimped directors Felix Chong and Alan Mak’s epic motion picture here on Beyond Hollywood, I probably don’t need to do an introduction. The film looks all sorts of badass, and the latest trailer embedded below only reinforces my suspicions. As a fan of professional busybody Donnie Yen, my excitement for the production feels like a no-brainer, especially given how much talent he has backing him up. Enough jibber-jabbering — feast your eyes on the clip below. I’ve a feeling you’ll enjoy it.

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Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Danmillion99

    Big Donnie Yen Fan here, have been since 1995, when I first rented Tiger Cage 2 on VHS…. great times. I own every single one of Donnie’s movies on DVD, and I refuse to buy them all over again on Blu-con DVD. This movie looks good, but I must say, Donnie’s older movies are better. Tiger Cage 2 is better than Flashpoint, SPL, and Dragon Tiger Gate all put together. Even New Big Boss (aka Legend Of The Wolf) is better than his recent movies. HK movies have really lost their touch. Not enough action, too much boring drama. I bet this will be the same. Return of Chen Zhen was a major disappointment, I could have made it MUCH BETTER, and more original. The end of this movie was the same as the original Fist OF Fury….in a Dojo, fighting a load of japanese karate people….sigh.