The Simpsons Gets Two More Years from FOX

FOX may have axed another long running cartoon in King of the Hill, but they’re not going to let those yellow things from Springfield get away quite so easily. The network has ordered two additional seasons of The Simpsons, thus ensuring that should the show cease production two years from now (which is unlikely), it will be the longest running series on TV. In like, EVER.

Via The Live Feed:

The 44-episode pickup will bring the show to a whopping 493 episodes.

“Gunsmoke” has held the record as the longest-running series and was on the air for 20 years (airing on CBS from 1955 to 1975 with 635 episodes). “The Simpsons” and NBC’s “Law & Order” have been closing in on the Western classic, with Fox’s comedy tying “Gunsmoke” this year and “Order” currently airing its 19th season.

With this renewal, “The Simpsons” (which debuted in 1990) will easily take the lead.

Is The Simpsons still funny? I don’t know, I haven’t been watching regularly for the last, oh, nine or ten years, I suppose. Before that, I had seen pretty much every episode at least five times. Can’t tell you a single thing that’s happened since, though.

I guess the fact that FOX is renewing it means I’m one of the few people not still watching the show. But hey, it was fun for me while it lasted, so I’m glad the show is getting the thumbs up. It deserves it.

Below: As long as they don’t play “Don’t Stop Believin'” at the end…