The Smoking Sofia Vergara in Smoking Aces Prequel

I’m not that big a fan of Smokin’ Joe Carnahan’s 2006 actioner “Smokin’ Aces”. As Simon Cowell would say, I thought it was overly indulgent, messy, and rubbish. But hey, you kids seem to like it, and enough people in general seem to appreciate it that Smokin’ Joe’s got the greenlight to make a sequel. Or prequel, in this case, titled, “Blowback”. And according to the always smokin’ Sofia Vergara (“Four Brothers”), the Colombian beauty has landed a role in the prequel as an assassin. Or at least, it’s a character that is “like an assassin”, whatever that means.

The Latina bombshell tells BlackFilm:

I start shooting in 2 weeks the prequel to ‘Smokin’ Aces’. I’m like an assassin. I just got the part yesterday. I will also be on Broadway playing Roxie Hart in ‘Chicago’ starting this March.

The first movie had a bunch of killers going to a hotel and shooting everyone that crosses their paths. I think the bad guys were supposed to be the heroes, or maybe there weren’t any heroes, and it was just douche bags shooting douche bags. Either way, I found it to be an exercise in all style and no substance, so I’m imagining the sequel/prequel will be equally empty, but just as loud and gunpowder heavy.

Sofia Vergara