The Snow Piercing is Not Going Well According to This Image from Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer (2013) Movie Concept Artwork

Looks like piercing snow in the post-apocalypse is not for the weak or faint of heart, if this first official image from South Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s “Snowpiercer” is any indication. In case you’ve been digging your way out of snow, “Snowpiercer” is clearly an Important Sci-Fi Movie With Something Important to Say. So please, listen up already.

Here’s Song Kang-ho, who starred in the director’s monster movie “The Host”, looking like he’s seen better days. Remember when the post-apocalypse was easier on kids?

Snowpiercer is set in a future where, after a failed experiment to stop global warming, an Ice Age kills off all life on the planet except for the inhabitants of the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe and is powered by a sacred perpetual-motion engine. A class system evolves on the train but a revolution brews.

“Snowpiercer” also stars Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, Alison Pill, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt, Ed Harris, Octavia Spencer, Luke Pasqualino, Ewen Bremner, Kenny Doughty.

The film pierces its way into our hearts this year.

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Song Kang-ho in Snowpiercer (2013) Movie Image

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