The Spectre TV Show Headed to Fox

The Spectre Comic BookOr at least, it’s got a script commitment, but knowing FOX, it’s pretty much a crapshoot if the show even makes it to the pilot stage, and even if it does, if it gets on the air. (This is the same network that shot but refused to release the “Locke and Key” pilot, after all.) Unless you’ve got a cheapo reality TV show or have Steven Spielberg’s name attached as producer, nowadays getting a TV show on network TV is tougher than trying to find “reality” in Reality TV.

But that’s not going to stop FOX from committing to a pilot script for D.C. comic book character The Spectre, with former “John Doe” writer Brandon Camp doing the honors and executive producing should the script become a pilot. Bill Gerber will also produce.

Never heard of The Spectre? Don’t worry, Wikipedia’s got you covered:

The Spectre debuted in More Fun Comics #52 (Feb. 1940) when hard-boiled cop Jim Corrigan was murdered, stuffed into a barrel (which was then filled with cement) and thus drowned. His spirit was refused entry into the afterlife, however, instead being sent back to Earth to eliminate evil by an entity referred to only as “The Voice”. He saw his body when he appeared at the bottom of the waterfront. The Spectre begins by seeking bloody vengeance against Corrigan’s murderers in a grim, supernatural fashion. One of them turned to a skeleton when touching him. The Spectre is eventually awarded charter membership in the first ever super-hero team, the Justice Society of America in All Star Comics.

Depending on how they’re approaching the character, they could either go grim and gritty, which would mean no JSA connection whatsoever, or they could go camp like the recent “Smallville” TV show, which would allow for other D.C. superheroes to guest star. My guess is they’ll go with the former.

Like some of his fellow D.C. superheroes, the Spectre was recently featured in his own short film written by “30 Days of Night’s” Steve Niles. The short was attached to the “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths” original animated movie in case you were interested.

The Spectre Animated TV Show