The Stan Helsing Poster Promises Very, Very Little

StanHelsing2Anchor Bay recently released the poster for their upcoming horror/comedy “Stan Helsing,” as well as a short list of theaters brave enough to actually screen the flick for desperate movie-goers looking for cheap, low-brow entertainment. Thing is, I’m was initially kind of intrigued by the film’s premise, that is, until I caught sight of a particularly disturbing quote about halfway down the poster. Much to my horrifying dismay, the film is from the executive producer of “Scary Movie,” a franchise that is responsible for all of those insipid spoof movies we’re subjected to each and every year. Had I known this information in advance, I seriously doubt I would have wasted time pondering its potential. I feel dirty, and immediately require a hot shower.

If you’re one of the four people who are jonesing for this movie’s upcoming release, take a look at the list of theaters that have agreed to show it:

New York – Village East Cinemas
Los Angeles – Mann’s Chinese 6 Theaters
Vancouver — Tinseltown Theaters
Toronto — Bloor Cinema
Ottawa — Mayfair Theater

Be sure to make room on your calendar for “Stan Helsing” on October 23rd.