The Star Trek 11 Script is Done, Shooting Starts in the Fall

In an interview with Sci Fi Wire, Star Trek 11 co-writer Roberto Orci reveals that the script for the movie (to be directed by “Lost” mastermind J.J. Abrams) is done and that shooting will begin in the Fall. At the moment, the film is in the casting stages. So when can we expect the announcement that Matt Damon has been signed for Kirk and Adrien Brody for Spock? Well, maybe never, according to Orci. Of course he doesn’t say that, since saying that would probably get him “mugged” in a dark alley by the studios.

Here’s what Orsci, who co-wrote the Trek 11 script with Alex Kurtzman, does say:

“Kirk is in the movie… Some kind of Kirk. … We literally haven’t cast them yet. It’s actually one of the challenges, and so we’re hoping to have something by Comic-Con [in San Diego in July], but we’ll see.”

Despite all the rumors, I STILL can’t see Damon as Kirk, or Brody as Spock. Those actors, and those characters, just don’t FEEL right.