The Strangers 2 Update: Casting, and Liv Tyler Expected Back


I didn’t see the first “The Strangers” in 2008, but then again, I skipped most of the torture porn that was coming out during those dark times like the “Saw” franchises, etc. Call me crazy, but I’m just not all that interested in watching morons getting sliced and diced with very little chances of ever actually, you know, winning. That’s what “The Strangers” felt like to me. I could be wrong, of course, but apparently the film was successful enough that Relatively Media has been making noise about doing a sequel for some time now.

Made for a modest $9 million dollar budget, the original starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman scored $53 million Stateside and $82 million worldwide. That’s a very nice profit, and a perfectly good excuse to make a sequel if there ever was one.

The latest news comes from Bloody-Disgusting, who reports that Relatively is very close to casting the sequel, and that Liv Tyler is “a lock” to reprise her role from the first film, which found her and her husband being terrorized in their home by three mask-wearing psychos who picked them at random.

The sequel will apparently take the psychos to an abandoned trailer park to continue their random spree killing ways, though there’s no details about how Tyler’s character will fit into the plot. Of course, they could just kill her off in the first couple of minutes, which would probably piss off a lot of fans of the original, but horror filmmakers have been known to pull this stunt before.

Bryan Bertino, who directed the first one, returns to write the sequel, but directing chores will go to Frenchman Laurent Briet.

Strangers sequel? Sure, why not. Stranger things have happened. Get it? Ahem.

Author: Nix

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  • Cferrin123

    Actually they are NOT husband and wife, and it’s not their home. But “the Strangers 2″ script was leaked and i happen to have it and read it. It does take place in a trailer park. Its a family this time around. A father who lost his job, a extremely stressed mother, a druggie teenage boy, and a 10 year old daughter. Kristen does make an appearance. Trust me Liv will not be in this movie for those whole approx. 8 minutes unless she gets payed big bucks… But as far as horror movies go, there has been MUCH worse.

  • Slothlikecollie

    The Strangers was very different from Saw, Hostel and those in that line. It was much more of a psychological thriller, admittedly with a good amount of gore.