The Strangers May Get a Sequel

“The Strangers”, a horror movie starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman as a couple terrorized by three masked killers in their remote cabin, grossed twice as much as its production budget in its first week at the box office, thereby guaranteeing that everything the movie makes from then on would be nothing but profit. So of course, rumors of a sequel are being tossed about. Can you say, “Direct to DVD”? Of course you can.

As always, the boys at Bloody-Disgusting has your finger on the pulse of Hollywood horror:

This summer Rogue Pictures’ The Strangers shocked us all by taking on some massive summer blockbusters and still pulling off a successful opening weekend at the box office, so much so that we heard talk of a sequel has already begun. This weekend we put out some calls and have confirmed 100% that there is in fact talk of bringing the hooded villains back to the big screen.

So, uh, does this mean that the Strangers all survived their encounter at Liv Tyler’s cabin? Hmm…

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The Strangers