The Teaser Trailer for Bey Logan’s Snowblade is Pretty Darn Snazzy

I’m a little late on this one, but since the 30-second teaser trailer for fight cinema expert Bey Logan’s upcoming action flick “Snowblade” is so freaking cool, I suppose it really doesn’t matter. Better later than never, right? In addition to assisting Dragon Dynasty bring important kung fu flicks to North America, Mr. Logan has made a name for himself covering martial arts films for several magazines, and now he’s taking that knowledge and applying it to his own action-packed production. Although “Snowblade” is still filming, that hasn’t stopped this promising filmmaker from providing curious parties with a snazzy little teaser. Not surprisingly, I really like what I see. No word yet when, precisely, the movie will make its presence known on the big screen and/or home video, but you can rest assured that you’ll know almost as soon as I do. Take a gander at the aforementioned clip, which has been carefully embedded below.

via Bey Logan’s Blog