The Terminator Will be Back … on TV, Too

Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV Show PosterBut it won’t be the chronicles of a certain Sarah Connor this time. Or at least, I don’t think it will be, though I’m sure she’ll be involved in some aspect. Just like you can’t have a Terminator in a “Terminator” movie, you gotta have Sarah Connor in there somewhere, especially when you’re rebooting the whole shebang.

According to trades, Skydance Prods. and Annapurna Pictures, the same people behind the upcoming big-screen “Terminator” reboot, will also be rebooting the franchise on TV with a new TV series. We’re told the series “will follow a critical moment from the original 1984 Terminator movie, taking it in a completely different direction.”

Whatever that means. Basically, it’s a reboot of the franchise. I guess that’s pretty clear now, right?

I guess the producers saw how Marvel pulled this type of small screen/big screen convergence off with their Marvel movies and ABC’s “Agents of SHIELD”. A lot of folks have talked about doing something like this, but let’s face it, it took Marvel to actually do it. (“The X-Files” did something similar back in the day, with an ongoing TV series and a movie.)

“X-Men” and “Thor” writers Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller will pen the untitled “Terminator” TV series, while Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier, who wrote the rebooted movie, will executive produce, thus ensuring continuity between the two properties.

The last time “Terminator” hit the small screen was in “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” a few years back, which was canceled after just two seasons. It starred “Game of Thrones'” Lena Headey as Sarah Connor and “Firefly’s” Summer Glau as a teenage cyborg from the future. A very hot teenage cyborg from the future, of course.

Summer Glau in Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV Show Poster

Armed, hot, and dangerous. (Then canceled.)