The Three Stooges Teaser Poster

Well, here’s a movie we haven’t heard about in a while and that I pretty much forgot about. “The Three Stooges” official facebook page has been updated and has given us our first look at the teaser poster for the upcoming “Stooges” film, set to hit theaters on April 4, 2012.

Given that it is a teaser poster, it looks okay, but it does kinda remind me of those “X-Men: First Class” teasers that were Xavier Charles’ silhouette for example and then just featured James McAvoy’s head floating in the middle. That was weird.

The new “Stooges” film will be directed by the Farrelly Bros. who’ve directed some great comedies including “There’s Something About Mary” and “Me, Myself & Irene”.

Starring Sofia Vergara, Jane Lynch, and Jennifer Hudson, the stooges themselves will be played by Sean Hayes as Larry, Will Sasso as Curly and Chris Diamantopoulos as Moe. Stephen Collins and Larry David also star in the film.

Inspired by original “Three Stooges” shorts, the film will have the trio left as newborns outside an orphanage and will follow them into adulthood, the full film being divided into three half-hour shorts. New details have the Stooges getting caught up in a murder plot and then appearing on a reality show.

So I guess that would explain the unfortunate reasoning behind the “Jersey Shore” cast being in the film.

Via : Facebook