The Tony Jaa Saga Continues

Tony Jaa in Ong Bak 2 (2008) Movie ImageYou know, I can’t believe I’m saying (natch, writing) this, and I’m really afraid for my life because, let’s face it, Tony Jaa can crack my skull open with his little pinky finger, but holy cow, from everything I’m hearing coming out of Thailand, Tony Jaa is sounding more and more like a flake here. The latest news post-Jaa’s abandoning of the “Ong Bak 2” film set finds the Thai kickboxing wonder boy agreeing to return to the set to finish the film, but only after a week of some very weird series of events.

Variety breaks down the nuttiness:

Last weekend, Jaa’s lawyer created a sensation when he put forward a 7-point series of demands, including a Baht 50 million ($1.5 million) flat fee for the actor and the cancellation of the 10-year contract between Jaa and Sahamongkol.

Techaratanaprasert refused, saying only that negotiation of any kind will only resume after “Ong-bak 2” is completed.

The location of the meeting added to the bizarre nature of the story. Jaa, who walked off the set in early June to meditating in the jungle, visited the National Police Office on Monday afternoon to seek help from a senior police officer claiming that he was being stalked by mysterious men.

Techaratanaprasert joined him there and began to hammer out their differences, some two weeks after the dispute became public nearly two weeks ago.

“Stalked by mysterious men”? The guy who can jump over speeding motorcycles and knee someone in the forehead from 30 yards away is afraid of “mysterious men” stalking him? And what’s the deal with letting his agent calling the shots? Then there was the wandering into the jungles for weeks to “meditate” on the movie.

Egads, Tony, what’s up, my man?

But have no fear, fans of knees to foreheads from 30 yards away, because the Thai studio has gotten Jaa back to the movie set, where he will finish the film under the supervision of his former director friend Prachya Pinkaew and action choreographer Panna Rittkrai. Word is that Jaa and Pinkaew had a falling out, probably owing to Pinkaew hopping onto the “Ong Bak 2” set like his pants were on fire when Jaa went missing, I would imagine.

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